Breaking up is difficult to do

HAAD YAI: A former Drug Suppression Division officer who turned to retail petroleum sales in Haad Yai established a personal fortune of more than 100 million baht. This, he assumed, entitled him to only about everything in the little empire he had created, together with the right to repeatedly rape the wife of considered one of his most trusted staff. The husband, however, thought otherwise. The ensuing conflict was only resolved when the gasoline station owner was discovered lifeless in his Honda CRV, the victim of 9 mm gunshot wounds. When police in Chumphon’s Sawee district discovered the sufferer, 40-year-old Chaiwat Theerasith, an investigation was launched which eventually led to the arrest of 30-year-old Prasert Sae-lim and his 32- year-old spouse Jinda in a house in Songkhla’s Haad Yai district, where that they had gone into hiding. Prasert confessed to the homicide and advised police that he had worked for the victim for about 5 years as a truck driver and gas station attendant. While working there Swipe married Jinda, a co-worker, and so they soon had a son together. All was going nicely. Prasert requested for, and was given permission to hire out a chunk of the gasoline station property, the place he and his family lived and operated their own tire repair service, in addition to continuing to help in the gas station. After a number of years, Jinda bore a second son. But after a couple of months of making an attempt to figure out if Junior looked like mother or like dad, Prasert realized that the child most closely resembled K. Chaiwat. When he asked his spouse, she admitted that the boss had raped her repeatedly when Prasert was off the property, and that he had continued to do so – till she turned pregnant. Jinda stated that she was afraid to say something about it due to the support K. Chaiwat had supplied to the family. When Prasert confronted his boss, he was fired – and advised to take the two young kids with him. Jinda, however, would stay. His life all of a sudden uncontrolled, Prasert took the 2 children to keep with relatives and entered the monkhood at a temple in Chumphon. But

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