Elephant moves fallen tree blocking highway in Thailand (video)

An elephant moved a fallen tree blocking the Lampang – Phrae Road in northern Thailand during a storm on Monday, allowing traffic to renew as normal. The second was captured on Facebook Live.
The proprietor of the elephant, Weerawat Triyot, said that he was on his method again to Chaiyaphum province after taking his 16 12 months outdated elephant Dan Siam to a pageant in Phrae province, his hometown.
Shortly after leaving Big , Weerawat received stuck in a traffic jam. The traffic got here to a complete standstill so Weerawat determined to get out of the automotive into the heavy rain and lightning and have a look at what was happening.
Four automobiles along, Weerawat saw a fallen tree blocking the highway. He determined to let Dan Siam out of his car and save the day.
On Facebook Live, Dan Siam lifts the tree and launches it over the facet of the road, opening up the means in which for the visitors. Then, the elephant waves his trunk round and makes a loud noise as if to say, “You can go now!”

While using elephants for bodily labour is less frequent now, these strong and intelligent animals as quickly as played a central function within the logging industry in Thailand.
During the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910), the demand for teakwood within the global market expanded significantly. Elephants turned an essential part of the logging process, dragging heavy logs by way of the forest.
In the early 1900s, there were round 100,000 domesticated elephants in Thailand used not only for logging but for transportation, bridge constructing and development work..

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