Festo’s answer helps achieve a twenty-fold enhance in production

A twenty-fold enhance in production was the goal of the Croatian automobile cosmetics company Alfa Car. To achieve this, the entire production cycle, housed in a brand new manufacturing plant, was automated. Festo supplied an entire answer for greater than 200 process valves – including venture administration.
A number of different merchandise together with water, alcohol, glycerine, surfactants, oleic and acetic acids, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are stored, transported, blended and bottled for the production of automobile cosmetic merchandise. This requires complicated course of automation options. The Croatian car cosmetics firm Alfa Car has taken a giant step into the future: while building a brand new manufacturing plant, the whole manufacturing cycle was totally automated, from the raw materials to the bottling line for the completed products. One point of focus was the seamless automation of the method valves.
A number of totally different substances are saved, transported, blended and bottled in the production plant.
Customised full solution
To handle the challenge, the corporate labored along with the system integrator Arp Lučko and Festo. It would be Festo’s role to challenge manage the automation of the process valves. To guarantee quick integration into the brand new system and maximum reliability sooner or later production course of, customised full solutions had been equipped that cover the entire vary, from the process valve units to the valve terminals. When deciding on the mandatory components, explicit consideration needed to be paid to the potentially explosive setting.
Reliability counts
The communication between a massive quantity of totally different automated ball valves and the new plant’s higher-level management system was additionally decisive for optimum process automation. This requirement was met by a reliable solution with six valve terminals type VTUG with PROFINET bus connection. More than 200 ball valves from totally different manufacturers can be totally automated in this method. Using เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำ10บาร์ for the ball valve solution took the strain off both Alfa Car and Arp Lučko when it came to designing and installing the new system. The in depth coordination of the various process valve suppliers, which Festo handled as part of its project management brief, also made the challenge easier.
Automated process valves guarantee dependable distribution of the substances within the various process steps.

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