Great ball of fire!

KOH SIREH: When firefighters responded to a name from the 100-year-old Muslim community on Koh Sireh at about 4:30 on the morning of May 24, little did they know that they had been about to witness a gaseous and ghostly apparition. It took city and provincial firefighting models about 30 minutes to extinguish the blaze at 12/24 Soi Si Sena and keep it from spreading to different units in the long row of partially-wooden, two-story shophouses. Nevertheless, No obligation reported damages estimated at a total of two million baht. But that is only half the story. It was additionally reported that during the blaze firefighters were shocked to see a large fireball about one meter in diameter rise from the flames and hover above them momentarily. And this was no odd fireball. In it could clearly be discerned the picture of an old Muslim lady, recognizable as such because her weathered face and outstanding nostril were partially coated in a standard Muslim headband. A variety of journalists from totally different newspapers picked up their cameras and tried to photograph the apparition, but only the reporter from the Daily News managed to get off a single frame before the fireball disappeared, evaporating into skinny air and smoke just as mysteriously because it had appeared. The picture, which appeared within the May 25 version of the newspaper, positively resembled a fireball. But whether or not or not it was within the image of a Muslim woman is a matter of debate. Some firefighters instructed the fireball might simply have been a ball of unspecified sizzling fuel, but many residents of the predominantly Muslim community are convinced that the specter was that of the community’s ancestral guardian spirit rising as much as shield the present residents in opposition to the spread of the fireplace. Yam Janjit, the Muslim owner of a used goods shop the place the fire started, saw the blaze break out as she was getting up to perform her pre-dawn prayers. Seeing how rapidly the hearth was spreading among the piles of used paper and other scrap, she fled for her life. She stated she suspected a defective sw

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