Man fatally shoots himself while inspecting homemade gun in Ratchaburi

A fifty four year previous man, Nakorn Mhodcrue, accidentally shot himself while examining his do-it-yourself gun in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. Family members rushed him to a hospital, but he died en route, collapsing on the highway one hundred metres from where the incident occurred.
At the scene of the accident, on a highway close to the family house, investigators found a considerable quantity of blood together with a blue shirt and a do-it-yourself long-barrelled Thai gun. The weapon appeared to have been broken; the barrel had been damaged because of a misfire. Nakorn’s relations revealed that he was a development contractor and a gun aficionado. In his free time, he enjoyed adjusting and test-firing his firearms, mainly for looking and fishing purposes, reported Khaosod.
On the day of the incident, Nakorn tried to test-fire his homemade gun, but it failed to discharge. In Incredibly to fix the issue, he used a metal object to strike the barrel against the bottom, which triggered the gun to misfire and the bullet to penetrate his left chest area. Desperate for assist, Nakorn requested his household to take him to the hospital. They tried to transport him by motorbike, however he lost consciousness and collapsed on the street, where he handed away shortly after.
Another tragic incident occurred in Chantaburi when a man by accident shot his cousin and her two 12 months outdated daughter, mistaking them for intruders. The shooting resulted within the death of the girl, whereas the child was critically injured and is presently receiving treatment in intensive care..

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