Pioneer Pump launches 30 in (450 mm) centrifugal

After เกจวัดแรงดันปั๊มลม of hard work, Pioneer Pump’s engineering department has launched its new 30 in (450mm) centrifugal, self-priming pump.
Mounted onto a Caterpillar C27 engine, the brand new 30 in twin vacuum pump is capable of producing a most move of just under 10,000m³/hr and lifting a maximum suction raise of 5 m.
Pioneer Pump designs and manufactures vacuum-assisted, self-priming pumps, in addition to wet self-priming pumps and finish suction, centrifugal pumps. With these pumps, the company is capable of packaging pumpsets as much as 575 kW (700 HP) in both engine-driven and electrical motor packages.
The company has its own in-house design group that is led by a specialist chief engineer who has designed all Pioneer’s fluid ends along a common theme of excessive effectivity and low price possession.

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