Scent-sational breakup: Chinese student dumped over ‘foul’ ft post-abortion

Just beneath a month after having an abortion, a 20 12 months previous Chinese university pupil was dumped by her boyfriend as a result of her feet have been unbearably smelly. The breakup brought on widespread interest on Chinese social media and sparked a mess of feedback on their relationship.
The 20 year previous Chinese college student Liu shared her emotional breakup story on-line, attracting important attention. According to Liu, she is a second-year faculty scholar while her 21 year old boyfriend, Luo, left high school and worked in a snack bar. Liu started to go to the snack bar, which eventually led to their relationship.
Luo, a tall and handsome young man, received Liu’s coronary heart in only two weeks, and the couple rapidly became close. However, as they did not take any precautions, Liu became unexpectedly pregnant. Concerned concerning the potential impacts on her education and the financial hardship of elevating a toddler, they decided to terminate the pregnancy. Shortly after Free , Luo broke up with her, blaming the scent of her ft.
Liu said…
“He never talked about this concern when he was chasing and loving me before, but abruptly advised me right now that my feet have an unbearable scent. I know that he simply needed a cause to interrupt up. My well being is weak after the abortion, but he used a unique excuse. I wish to take revenge, however I can’t figure it out. He has modified jobs, and I don’t know what to do.”
Following the breakup, Liu sought compensation for post-abortion medical bills and emotional damages from her ex-boyfriend, but he laughed and claimed he had no cash, leaving her even more disenchanted, Sanook reported.
After Liu’s story gained public attention, Chinese netizens and keyboard warriors took to social media to voice their opinion on the matter. While most people suppose breaking up was the proper decision, they encouraged Liu to deal with herself and let go of the past.
Comments included…
“He’s simply being selfish, if not this time, there would be one other breakup excuse sooner or later. But maybe it’s for one of the best.”
“Where did you find this trash man? He is equally nugatory.”

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