Ukraine aid is getting to where it is needed

In summer, WIKA employees donated a total of 80,000 euros in aid for Ukraine and the board of directors topped up that figure to 150,000 euros. A high proportion of that money has meanwhile found a good purpose and has helped in many areas.
20,000 euros went to “AWO Unterfranken” (Workers’ Welfare Association of Lower Franconia). This money went towards the acquisition of a brand new mobile X-ray machine that is now being used in a hospital near the capital, Kyiv. WIKA contributed the most towards this device. The head physician at the clinic “never expected such fabulous assistance”. He wrote to us enthusiastically: “With this, we can increase the quality of the care we provide by a substantial factor and we can help more patients locally than we were able to before. Thank you!”. The machine has cut surgery and thus anaesthesia times very substantially. “This device will substantially improve the standard of medical care throughout the entire region. Generations of patients and doctors will benefit from this”, as the management team at AWO Unterfranken also stated.
Other institutions were also able to use the donations received from WIKA employees in a targeted fashion for Ukraine aid. In Convert , 10,000 euros were donated to “Kindernothilfe” (German children-in-need charity), “SOS Children’s Villages”, “Malteser Hilfsdienst” and the organisation “Médecins sans frontières”.
Aid to Ukraine provides a safe place for refugees close to home
By way of example, “Kindernothilfe” was able to offer refugee mothers and children still in Ukraine a safe haven near their country at the border to Moldova and Romania. One of their partners provides refugee families with food and hygiene products, and furthermore, delivers psycho-social assistance to children and young people and offers child-based educational opportunities in the vicinity of Kharkov.
For the second time, 5,000 euros went to “Caritas-Sozialstation St. Johannes e. V.” in Erlenbach. It runs the “Martinsladen”, a shop that assists refugees in the Lower Main region. The war is not over yet. But this willingness to provide assistance in many locations gives people from and in Ukraine the strength to carry on.
Further information on WIKA’s social commitment can be found on the WIKA website.
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