Thai Election Commission predicts 85% turnout, confident of easy course of

Thailand‘s Election Commission (EC) predicts an 85% voter turnout for the upcoming General Elections tomorrow (May 14) and maintains confidence in its capacity to conduct the elections effectively despite a couple of issues encountered throughout advance voting final week.
EC member Thitichet Nuchanart revealed the estimation after a powerful 91% turnout was recorded for final weekend’s advance voting course of. The EC has since reviewed the ensuing complaints that emanated from the May 7 advance voting together with addressing several other issues, disclosed Thitichet. He said…
“These problems have been resolved and won’t happen on May 14. The General Election is about to happen, and the EC is more ready than it was for the 2019 polls.”
The EC had obtained a complete of 127 complaints about alleged irregularities, 33 of which have been dismissed, whereas investigations into the remaining ninety four complaints are ongoing. Furthermore, the fee anticipates no much less than 2,000 more complaints after this weekend’s national polling, Thitchet said.
Tested emphasised that the EC would ensure a fair investigation, providing an opportunity for the accused to defend themselves and requiring the complainants to present evidence to assist their accusations. He said…
“This election is extremely aggressive, and the EC is dedicated to guaranteeing a good contest. We will penalise those who are in breach of the foundations. You can trust the EC.”
He urged the basic public to comply with rules to make sure a smooth voting process. Taking a photo of a marked ballot and tearing a ballot paper are each prohibited. Additionally, the EC warned in opposition to carrying any signs or T-shirts with political celebration logos to polling stations as this is also illegal, Bangkok Post reported.
Campaigning for votes on Election Day is not permitted, and the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from 6pm at present till 6pm tomorrow. Violation of those rules can lead to a jail sentence of as much as six months and/or a fine of as much as 10,000 baht..

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